Des’ree said it: “Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, doot doot doo.”

The ice caps are melting, the rich keep getting richer, animals are chewing on their own tumors in cages, and still the human being regards himself a priority to everything. Life, what to do with it? How do you give meaning and purpose to life when you get stuck in a clusterfuck of ideals, being mindful, consuming mindfulness through an app on your phone and showing it off on instagram?

Club Gewalt has been high jacked by the consumer society and there is no fucking way out. So Club Gewalt is going in. Club Gewalt tries to reach the ultimate nirvana with the things that surround them. Club Gewalt becomes one with the chair, the floor, the book cabinet, the playground, every story of a suburban high-rise and the Amazon rainforest. In a minimal music meditation-sesh tries to eliminate the hierarchy between themselves and things. ‘Cause Life, oh Life.


Concept, muziek & performance: Annelinde Bruijs, Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Suzanne Kipping, Gerty Van de Perre, Sanna Elon Vrij & Amir Vahidi, scenography: Tim Vermeulen, direction: Joep van der Geest, dramaturgy: Anne van de Wetering, musical coaching: Henry Vega, technical coordination and light: Aram Visser, sound: Joris van Oosterhout, production: Andrea van Bussel, management: Rick Mouwen, communication & publicity: Laura Roling

Life, oh Life is a production by Club Gewalt, co-produced by the Coproducers and Operadagen Rotterdam and supported by Performance Art Fund NL, Municipality of Rotterdam, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Fund 21, BNG Bank Culture Fund, Foundation Dioraphte, Norma Fund and Foundation Bevordering van Volkskracht.