Des’ree said it: “Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, doot doot doo.”

The ice caps are melting, the rich keep getting richer, animals are chewing on their own tumors in cages, and still the human being regards himself a priority to everything. Life, what to do with it? How do you give meaning and purpose to life when you get stuck in a clusterfuck of ideals, being mindful, consuming mindfulness through an app on your phone and showing it off on instagram?

With the Life, oh Life Audio Exercise Club Gewalt takes you on a meditative practice that puts your individual self out of the center of attention. Via your headphones you hear a minimal music composition of 40 minutes that takes you in a journey along everyday objects and less ordinary phenomena. An exercise in standing still. The audio exercise also includes a special art piece that you can take home as a reminder.

The Life, oh Life Audio Exercise is designed for Weelde Rotterdam and will be presented there this summer. you can participate every Sunday of August 2020. If you own a pair of headphones, please take them with you.


Concept & music: Annelinde Bruijs, Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Suzanne Kipping, Gerty Van de Perre, Sanna Elon Vrij en Amir Vahidi, recording: Justin Schellekens, art direction: Maartje en Merel, photography: Pim Top, musical advise: Henry Vega, dramaturgy: Anne van de Wetering, management: Rick Mouwen

Special thanks: Tim Vermeulen, Joep van der Geest, Andrea van Bussel, Aram Visser, Joris van Oosterhout, Laura Roling, Weelde, Operadagen Rotterdam, Coproducers and the municipality of Rotterdam


From the 2nd to the 30th of August 2020.