Club Club Gewalt Reboot is a performance-night which offers a much needed reset of mind and body, after/in a time of overload, stagnation and fear for what the future holds. In a subterranean garden of fur and canvas, designed by Rosalie Wammes, Club Gewalt delivers a pulsating, healing swaddling. Surrounded by glowing cocoons, Club Gewalt sings crystal clear choral pieces, serves detoxing drinks and massages both the brain and the soul. All, to eventually leave the garden reborn and accomplished, the DNA knowing that the future is already here.

Club Club Gewalt Reboot takes place in the fully ventilated studio of Club Gewalt, at the Teilingerstraat 120 (Rotterdam). All guidelines bij the RIVM are followed to offer a corona-proof experience: hosts and performers take necessary hygiene precautions, there is enough space to keep a minimum of 1,5 meter distance, and seatings are decontaminated after each performance.


Concept, music and performance: Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Suzanne Kipping, Gerty Van de Perre, Sanna Elon Vrij and Rosalie Wammes, scenography: Rosalie Wammes, dramaturgy: Anne van de Wetering, sound: Joris van Oosterhout, production and management: Rick Mouwen, artwork: MaartjeMerel & Elvis Wesley, special thanks: Henry Vega, Gemeente Rotterdam, Operadagen Rotterdam and Time Window

Photography: Mihai Gui

Club Club Gewalt Reboot has been made possible by Fund 21 and The Prins Bernhard Culture Fund.


4 & 5 Sept 2020
11 & 12 Sept 2020
17 – 19 Sept 2020
24 – 27 Sept 2020