Anthropocene, The Musical


Club Gewalt goes musical. Why? Because it’s necessary.

Science made it official. Together with this entire clump of rock & soil, we have entered a new geological era in which Man is the biggest influence on the earth’s surface: the Anthropocene. And we = fucked.

Anthropocene, the Musical is a musical on steroids, that turns to our last resort in this ecological crisis: making its complexity bearable through a showstopping epos with song and dance.

In an exhilarating opening-song that would make Walt Disney jealous, Man sings of the beautiful Dutch landscape; the flower bulb fields, the polder meadows, the dams. But then suddenly a dyke bursts open and ruins the delightful tunes. Ocean makes her entrance to ring all the alarms: natural resources are running out, climates are flipping, according to the latest calculations so-called tipping points will be reached within the next eight to eleven years and David Attenborough already made a documentary that says farewell to our beloved Gaia. With the help of his new friends the Jellyfish, Man decides to step up and starts slapping together a bit of innovating geo-engineering. But will it be enough to prevent an apocalypse?


concept: Club Gewalt performance: Loulou Hameleers, Robbert Klein, Suzanne Kipping, Gerty Van de Perre, Amir Vahidi, Lucas Schilperoort music: Amir Vahidi & Robbert Klein direction: Sanna Elon Vrij co-direction: Marcel Sijm text: Anne van de Wetering text advice: Joachim Robbrecht translation: Mari Meyer costume design: Bas Kosters Studio technical coordination: André Goos sound: Joris van Oosterhout light design: Vera Selhorst recording: Justin Schellekens mastering: Alex Geurink production: Andrea van Bussel tourmanager: Maaike Kuijken management: Rick Mouwen artwork: MaartjeMerel photography: Pim Top communication and publicity: Pauline Ouwerkerk special thanks to: HP Hulscher, Eric Magnée
Photography: Bart Grietens

In co production with O.
With support from: Dutch Performing Arts, City of Rotterdam, Fonds21, Foundation Bevordering van Volkskracht 


25 – 29 aug 2021 – O. Rotterdam
jan – feb 2022 – theatre tour in The Netherlands